Vegan Logos: Knowing Which Ones To Look Out For

Veganism is an all encompassing lifestyle choice. With label reading becoming an acute skill of all vegans after awhile. It really can be a drag when EVERY product that we hope to buy comes with a list as long as the bottle, of ingredients we can barely pronounce!

That is why vegan logos are a much welcomed relief from this chore. It makes shopping easier and brings us piece of mind. A quick glance for that logo on a product is all it takes to know that a product is 100% plant-based.

Review Of Each Vegan Logo:

1. Vegan Action

Vegan Logo

Vegan Action began in 1995, and they are a non profit organization who are working to “eliminate animal suffering, reduce environmental impacts, and improve human health through a vegan diet”. One of their longest running out reach programs is the certifying of thousands of vegan products, through their Vegan Certification Campaign. If a product is deemed to be free of all animal derived ingredients then they are certified and can use their vegan logo.

2. The Vegan Society

Vegan Society Logo

The Vegan Society was the organization who defined the word vegan all the way back 1944 by an English animal rights activist Donald Watson. They have also been certifying businesses and their vegan products since 1990. They also state that when a business is certified by them it means their products contain no animal derived ingredients, and their company does not implement animal testing. So you can trust this vegan logo to point in the right direction of cruelty-free and vegan products.

3. The V-Label

Vegan Logo

The V-Label is a Swiss-based brand which began in 1996. This label is mainly used to label vegan and vegetarian products. However, this label is now being used in the cosmetics industry as well. For a company to register they must complete a five step program, which includes inspections. Then if a company makes any changes to a the ingredients of their registered products they must declare it and go through another inspection. This all assures that the products labelled vegan are guaranteed to be vegan.

4. Peta Approved Vegan

Peta Approved Vegan Logo

Peta Approved Vegan is a way for companies to promote their vegan products. A company can register by answering a questionnaire regrading their business and then paying an annual fee of $250 to show consumers that they are a vegan brand.

Veganism & Beauty Products:

Poster 'Cruelty-Free = Vegan?'

In the beauty world there are a lot of sneaky animal derived ingredients lurking in products, such as beeswax, fish scales and even shark liver oil! If you would like to know the most common animal byproducts to look out for, you can check out my article about the top 15 animal ingredients found in cosmetics here.

Cruelty-Free & Veganism

Cruelty-free bunny logos from the top three leading cruelty-free organizations are an excellent way to make sure the products you purchase were not tested on animals. However, cruelty-free does NOT mean the products are vegan. A product and it’s ingredients can be considered cruelty-free, yet still contain ingredients which came from an animal. Also a product can sometimes carry a vegan logo and that product may have been involved in animal testing. However, this is excluding the vegan logos I have included in this article.

Choose Cruelty-Free

Choose Cruelty-Free Logo

The only cruelty-free organization which places restrictions on animal products for all the brands who are accredited with them, is Choose Cruelty-Free. They are the only cruelty-free organization which places restrictions on animal byproducts. The brands they certify must adhere to the following rules in regards to animal derived ingredients.

They must not use ingredients which are:

  • Taken from wildlife.
  • Byproducts of the cruel fur industry.
  • Forcibly taken from animals which were alive, but in order to get the ingredient they felt discomfort or pain.
  • Taken from animals which had to be killed in order to get it.
  • The byproduct of the slaughterhouse industry, and said ingredients are considered to be valuable.

That makes the Choose Cruelty-Free organization one of the most trusted bunny logos in regards to the animal byproducts that are used in cosmetics.

However, their logo still does not guarantee that a product or a brand is vegan.

For Only Vegan Beauty Products, Check Out The Vegan Products Section Down Below:

Vegan Products

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