Does La Mer Test on Animals? Is La Mer Cruelty-Free?

La Mer are best known for their beautiful skincare products, which are “born from the sea“. Pacific giant sea kelp is a key ingredient, along with precious oils. Fermentation is a key process and is the secret to creating their Miracle Broth, which is used in the majority of their products.

They are one of the best luxury skincare brands for healing dry skin and fighting the signs of aging with their skincare and makeup products.

However, I know you are wondering…

Are they a cruelty-free brand?

And do they allow their products to be sold in countries which enforce animal testing (i.e. mainland China)?

Scroll down to find out.

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La Mer's Animal Testing Policy

I struggled to find La Mer’s animal testing policy on their website. I had to contact the company directly to get confirmation on whether they allow animal testing on their products or not.

They wrote back a number of days later, and also included a link to the policy of their parent company, which is Estée Lauder, who are not cruelty-free.

I have linked their full email response below:

Dear Niamh,

Thank you for contacting La Mer.

Thanks for reaching out. La Mer does not test our products on animals & we don’t ask others to test for us. If a regulatory body demands it for its safety assessment, an exception can be made. Learn more about The Company’s position, here:

Thanks again for taking the time to contact La Mer.

The above email confirms that La Mer is NOT a cruelty-free brand, because they choose to sell their products in countries which enforce animal testing by law (i.e. mainland China).

Is La Mer Sold in mainland China?

Yes, La Mer is sold in stores in mainland China, meaning that this brand is NOT cruelty-free.

As they have stated in their email response. The brand will allow authorities to test their products on animals if the law requires them to do so. The Chinese authorities require foreign brands sold in stores in China to allow them to test their products, and even their ingredients, on animals. Which means since La Mer chooses to sell their products in China, they cannot be considered cruelty-free.

If you want to learn more about animal testing in the cosmetics industry, and the policies regarding animal testing in China, then please check out these articles:

Is La Mer Cruelty-Free?

No, La Mer is NOT a cruelty-free brand.

Cruelty-Free Brands who can replace La Mer

It is always super disappointing to find out that a brand that we love, isn’t cruelty-free. However, don’t worry there are still plenty of kind beauty brands on offer to replace them with.

La Mer are world famous for their luxury skincare, especially their best selling Creme de La Mer skincare cream. However, because they are not a cruelty-free brand, I have compiled a list of beautiful cruelty-free beauty brands that can replace their products in skincare and makeup.

The Best Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly Skincare That Can Replace La Mer Products

V = 100% vegan brand

** = parent company is not cruelty-free

The Best Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly Makeup That Can Replace La Mer Products

V = 100% vegan brand

** = parent company not cruelty-free

More Cruelty-Free Alternatives to La Mer

There is a whole world of cruelty-free brands out there waiting to be discovered.

My goal on this site is to make it as easy as possible for you to do that. For some more cruelty-free and vegan beauty inspiration, you should check out the following articles:

You can also find cruelty-free shopping guides for Amazon, Ulta, Sephora, Boots, Cult Beauty, and more, on this site!

La Mer may not be a cruelty-free brand, but there are so many more kind beauty brands out there to choose from, that you won’t even miss them.

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