Amazon Cruelty-Free Brand List

Welcome to the Amazon Cruelty-Free Brand List!

All the brands listed have been investigated and approved as cruelty-free, and they are all available to buy on the Amazon online store. Click on any of the brands below to start shopping cruelty-free.

Who Are Amazon?

Amazon claim to be Earths Biggest Selection of products. So when it comes to cruelty-free and vegan beauty they have probably the largest selection online. However, knowing which are truly cruelty-free and vegan can be a challenge.

That is why I took the time to build this guide to include all the cruelty-free brands I could find on Amazon right now.

Just click on any of the brands listed below to find out the wonderful cruelty-free beauty goodies available right now on Amazon!

Things to look out for in this list:

Brands which are highlighted in green are 100% vegan brands. However, if you want to shop for vegan brands only, then click here to go to my 100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free Brand List.

Brands which have a double asterisks (**) next to their name are owned by a parent company who is not cruelty-free. You can learn more about brands like that here.

Amazon Cruelty-Free Brands:

If the brand you were looking for isn’t listed here, don’t worry!

You can have a look through one of the other online shopping guides, here.

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