8 Cruelty-Free Cologne Brands For Men

Finding cruelty-free, and vegan colognes and fragrances, can be a serious challenge. So many of the top fragrance brands are sadly not, leaving many kind shoppers confused about which brands they can trust to be truly kind.

I have done a search of Amazon and found seven brands which are all cruelty-free, with many offering creulty-free colognes that are also vegan friendly too!

Cruelty-Free Cologne Brands

** = Parent company is not cruelty-free

V = 100% vegan brand

The Best Cruelty-Free & Vegan Colognes


This brand is 100% vegan.

They have a great selection of super affordable solid colognes, all are handcrafted with the finest natural, and the finest perfume ingredients. They are also all made in the USA.

Very Manly

All are named after what you might call a man, such as:

Their Very Manly Solid Cologne is one of their best selling fragrances. It has Sandalwood, Musk, Vetiver and Bergamot. It is the perfect everyday scent for the manly man.

Other Fragrances?

I have listed all their solid colognes above, but you can also check out all their fragrances they have to offer now by clicking the link below!


This brand is 100% vegan.

Clean, as you can gather from the name, is all about providing simple fragrances which embody clean scents. Think of freshly washed laundry, they try and embody scents like that. They are also an Eco conscious and sustainable brand, making sure they are toxin free, and only use 100% recyclable packaging. They are also gluten free too.

White Vetiver

For men, our top pick is their Clean White Vetiver Gift Set. This set includes a White Vetiver Cologne, as well as a White Vetiver Deodorant too.

If you only wish to have their cologne you can purchase their Clean White Vetiver Cologne on it’s own too.

However, many of Clean’s fragrances can be worn by men, as well as women. Fragrances such as Air are one of their many fresh everyday unisex fragrances.

Other Fragrances?

Their Amazon store has a good selection of their other fragrances that they sell. You can shop for all their available products by clicking the button down below!

Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon is a cruelty-free brand, and also a man’s man grooming brand.

They specialize in skincare, haircare, body care and also have a range of solid colognes. Which are perfect for any man after a no nonsense, yet high quality, manly grooming routine. The majority of their products can be purchased on their Amazon store, click here to have a look.


Duke Cannon’s range of solid colognes are perfect for any hardworking, traveling man. With the colognes housed in a tin container, they are great for all day, everyday use, anywhere.

These concentrated formulas are only made from natural or organic ingredients. This range comes in at least four scents.

If you are familiar with the brand, you will have come across their Bourbon Soap. Well now you can get that same scent in their Bourbon Solid Cologne. However, their other three scents on offer are just as hardy, and manly, being named Sea, Air, and Land. Also compared with other colognes, this range is very affordable.

This product isn’t vegan as it contains beeswax.

Escentric Molecules

This brand is 100% vegan.

This fragrance brand prides itself on bringing the worlds of art and chemistry together, to create beautiful and innovative fragrances. A radically minimalist fragrance brand, and is truly unique brand.

Escentric 03

It is difficult to choose a top pick, but their Escentric 03 fragrance is one of the favorites on their store.

This fragrance is dominated by Ginger, but also has Vetiver, and Orris as its top notes. Other ingredients used are Lime Peel and Green Peppercorn, making it spicy with the Ginger.

This is a woody scent, due to the Vetiver, along with Musk, Sandalwood, Mellow Balsams, and Cedar. While there is a velvety richness due to Egyptian Jasmine and notes of Tea.

Other Fragrances?

Their Amazon store has a good selection of their other fragrances that they sell. They are considered an unisex fragrance brand, as a lot of their scents are not gender specific.

You can shop for all their products by clicking the button down below!

Etat Libre d'Orange

This cruelty-free brand is all about freedom of expression, and it’s passion is creating some of the best fragrances worldwide. They pride themselves in their scents inside each bottle, but highlight how they house their concoctions in simple, functional glasses. It is all about creating that excellent scent, and not about the style, or branding of a glass bottle.

Cologne of Etat Libre d’Orange

The brand label this as their modest cologne, a nice scent. Meaning that scent is a true everyday scent, which will appeal to all, and can be worn anywhere. If you were to invest in one scent for the year, then this could likely be the only scent you would need.

The notes of this fragrance are Bergamot, Jasmine, Blood Orange, Leather, Orange Blossom, and Musk.

Another one of their most sought after colognes is their Tom Of Finland scent. This scent is much more ostentatious and would not be described as a modest scent. It is also available on Amazon. You can find it by clicking here.

Other Fragrances?

Their Amazon store has a good selection of their other fragrances that they sell, including colognes and perfumes.

You can shop for all their products by clicking the button down below!

Jack Black

Jack Black is a cruelty-free brand who is best known for their superior male skincare ranges. However, they also have some super colognes on offer too. If you want to shop their entire male grooming range then you can click here and check out their Amazon store.

Blue Mark

This Jack Black scent is a refreshing addition to any grooming routine. Their Blue Mark cologne has top notes of Watermint, Cilantro, Bergamot with Japanese Juniper, along with Ginger Essence, Patchouli, and Driftwood. Making this scent fresh and an easy everyday scent to wear.

Their Blue Mark Cologne, along with their JB Cologne, their All-Over Body Spray and their Turbo Body Spray are all 100% vegan!

Other Fragrances?

Their Amazon store is filled with all their best products in skincare, haircare, body care, as well as all their fragrances too.

You can shop for all their fragrances, as well as all their other product ranges by clicking the button down below!

Penhaligon's **

** This brand is owned by a parent company that is not cruelty-free.

This British cruelty-free brand has been creating intoxicating colognes and perfumes since 1870. So you can guarantee that this brand will provide expertly crafted concoctions, all housed in their old fashioned style cologne and perfume bottles.


Their cologne named Endymion, is named after the son of the ancient god Zeus, who was considered to be his most handsome son. This classic cologne is a timeless, discrete and sensual scent.

The heart notes of this scent are Geranium and Coffee. The scent also includes Lavender, Sage, Bergamot, Nutmeg, and Leather.

This scent also comes in the form of an Antiperspirant Roll-On. You can check it out by clicking here. Along with an After-Shave Balm, which you can also check out here.

Other Fragrances?

Amazon has a good selection of their other fragrances which includes colognes, as well as perfumes, and gift sets.

You can shop for all their products by clicking the button down below!


Tokyo Milk is the creation of designer Margot Elena. Her innovative design skills can be seen in her TokyoMilk brand. Their bottles are beautifully designed, and the fragrance formulations are luxurious and truly bewitching.


TokyoMilk’s Bulletproof fragrance, from their Dark collection, is perfect for an alluring and seductive everyday scent. It contains notes of Crushed Cedar, Coconut Milk, Smoked Tea, and Ebony Woods. Which all help in concocting a truly smouldering scent.

Though not a completely unisex fragrance brand. Their dark collection can definitely be worn by men or women.

Other Fragrances?

You can shop their Dark collection, as well as some of their other fragrances and products on Amazon. Click the link below to start shopping!

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