75+ Cruelty-Free Haircare Brands For Your Hair

Many of the most purchased haircare brands are not cruelty-free. With many of our everyday shampoo, conditioners and styling products have been needlessly tested on animals in order to reach our store shelves.

However we can make a difference today by choosing to adopt a cruelty-free haircare routine, as there are a huge amount of cruelty-free and vegan haircare products on offer today.

Amazon has a big selection of cruelty-free haircare brands for all hair types. The below list is filled with over 70 haircare brands, all of which are completely cruelty-free. Making switching to a cruelty-free haircare routine today has never been easier.

Over 70 Cruelty-Free Haircare Brands Now Available To Buy On Amazon

100% Vegan Brands will be highlighted green!
Brands owned by a parent company who is not cruelty-free will be marked with **

Our Top 10 Cruelty-Free Haircare Brands

These Are The Brands With Some Of The Biggest & Best Selection Of Cruelty-Free Products On Amazon

1. DevaCurl

Top Pick:
One Condition Original

If you have curly hair in any form, this is the brand to make your curls look their absolute healthiest and bounciest. DevaCurl is only designed for those with curls, whether they are wavy, curly, or super curly there will be a product to suit your hair. Their products are also 100% silicone, sulfate, paraben free too, and of course they are 100% cruelty-free.

They are also a brand who is a big advocate for the No Poo movement, even offering a kit to help you get started on your no shampoo journey.

Our pick from this brand has to be their all time favorite One Condition Original. If your curls are in need of a serious injection of hydration, then this conditioner is here to help. This brand is almost 100% vegan, with only 2% of their products currently not vegan. However, their One Condition Original is vegan.

2. Giovanni

Top Pick:
Ultra Moist Shampoo

If you are after cruelty-free, salon inspired, high quality haircare, then Giovanni are the brand for you. Their products never contain any harsh chemicals, parabens or sulfates. They are even Leaping Bunny certified making all their range 100% cruelty-free. While not a 100% vegan brand (yet) a lot of their products are suitable for vegans. Their only products which are NOT vegan are:

  • Magnetic Shampoo, Conditioner, Power Treatment, Styling Gel and Styling Wax
  • Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub

If you have colored hair and are after a shampoo that is safe to use and maintain that color, then Giovanni’s Ulta Moist Shampoo may be for you. Containing Avocado and Olive Oil, this product is all about bringing much needed hydration to your colored, or uncolored, hair.

3. It's A 10

Top Pick:
Instant Repair Leave In

This unisex brand has many award winning formulas to give you a ten out of ten hair day, everyday. They are also a Leaping Bunny certified brand, making them very serious about fighting animal testing and remaining cruelty-free.

Not all of their products are vegan. Their Keratin range unfortunately includes keratin from sheep’s wool. However, you can shop all their vegan products by clicking here.

Their wonder product that has so many 5 star reviews is their Miracle Leave In Product. However, this is not vegan. But they do have another version which is vegan and similar. Their Instant Repair Leave In Product helps restore your hairs natural health and shine, can be used in dry or wet hair when needed to condition and style.

4. Jack Black

Top Pick:
Clay Pomade

Jack Black are all about providing superior haircare, skincare and shaving products for men. They understood that there are countless brands on the market for women. Yet, very few they felt were focused specifically for the modern man. Their products are no nonsense which work as advertised.

Many of their products contain organic ingredients, all are dermatologist tested and many are vegan

Our top pick form Jack Black is their Clay Pomade. This product is unscented and a great styling tool for men and women alike. You can use it in dry hair or hair that is slightly damp. It contains anti-bacterial Tea Tree Leaf Oil, along with Sage Leaf Extract.

5. Moroccanoil

Top Pick:
Intense Hydrating Mask

The Moroccanoil Treatment is the defining product of this cruelty-free brand. It was their first product they created and they believe it acts as the perfect foundation for hair. Their award winning formula is infused with argan oil to help condition hair, keep it smooth, and keep hairs shine.

If your hair is in need of some serious hydration, then Moroccanoil’s Intense Hydrating Mask will hopefully get your hair back to it’s hydrated best. This product is recommended for medium to thick hair only. As it may be too heavy for fine hair. If you do have fine hair they have a hydrating mask which is better suited, it is their Weightless Hydrating Mask.

6. Oribe **

Top Pick:
Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

One of the more luxurious cruelty-free brands on this list is Oribe. Unfortunately, Oribe is owned by the parent company Kao, who are not cruelty-free. However, Oribe themselves have made a commitment to never test on animals.

Luxury haircare is what they are all about, while providing products which are ultra-high tech, clean and modern. Their products are formulated without sodium chloride or parabens. Also all of their products are gluten free. Plus all their products have UV protection for your hair within their formulations.

On of their award winning cruelty-free products is their Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil. It is a cult favorite among the beauty world, and is available on their Amazon store. It is a lightweight hair oil that is perfect for restoring dry, damaged or colored hair. Oribe even nickname it Liquid Gold, but sure of course they would.

7. Paul Mitchell

Top Pick:
Shampoo One

If you are looking for a brand which is cruelty-free and provides luxurious haircare at an affordable price? Then Paul Mitchell may be the haircare brand for you. They have been in business 40 years, and have always remained strong to fight animal testing. Now they are even certified cruelty-free with Peta through their Beauty Without Bunnies campaign.

They are all about providing salon quality hair products, and their Amazon store is filled with some of their best formulations.

Our top pick from Paul Mitchell is their classic Shampoo One. It provides a balanced clean, cleansing the scalp and adds a deep shine to all hair types. A good shampoo for everyday use.

8. Queen Helena

Top Pick:
Cholestrol Cream

Queen Helena have been around since 1930, providing nutrient dense skincare and haircare. They like to take advantage of what nature has to offer and use it to create nourishing products.

This brand is also another Leaping Bunny accredited brand, making them 100% committed to remaining cruelty-free.

If your hair is thirsty for moisture, then Queen Helena’s Cholestrol Cream should help get it back to its hydrated best. This formula is excellent for hair which dry and damaged.

9. Shea Moisture

Top Pick:
Jamaican Oil Black Castor Oil Combination Pack

Shea Moisture has been around since 1912. They are currently owned by the B Corp Company, Sundial. This company is dedicated to ensuring all their brands, including Shea Moisture remain ethical and cruelty-free. Currently all of Shea Moisture’s products are lovingly made in their Long Island, New York facility.

They promise that their products will remain free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, Petroleum and more. Many of their raw ingredients are sourced through ethical means in the USA and Africa.

Their products cater to all women and men but with a clear focus on those with curls. Whether your hair can be classified as Type 1, 2, 3, or 4. Shea Moisture has a hair product which will cater to your haircare needs.

Their Jamaican Oil Black Castor Oil Combination Pack available on their Amazon store, is the perfect pick for those who need to inject a bit of nourishment into their tight curls and coils. This trio will bring the bounce back with plenty of strength and conditioning.

10. Unwash

Top Pick:
Charcoal Detox Scalp Scrub

Unwash is all about challenging convention. Many of us our stuck in a never ending cycle, Unwash want us to break cycle of traditional shampoo, condition, repeat. They believe that it is time for what they call the New Clean.

Times have changed for many of us. No longer are we styling our hair into an inch of its life, we are often opting for fuss free natural hairstyles. This means many of us are waiting longer and longer inbetween shampoos. We no longer need the harsh chemicals of the traditional haircare products.

Unwash have created a range of haircare which is simplified for modern life. Free from sulfates and promotes healthier hair through gentle cleansing. Their products also manage to reduce drying time, while also being safe for colored hair.

It was hard to pick a favorite, but their Charcoal Detox Scalp Scrub is a product which makes a real difference to those who suffer from dry scalps. No more suffering from an itchy, flaky scalp. This detox product should set it right.

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